FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

  • Save The Planet Now is a disruptive initiative that allows anyone to participate in the fight against climate change, the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, by offsetting their carbon footprint and making a contribution to sustainable projects around the world easily on our website. We offer an innovative system of contribution cards that you can purchase at the selling points and redeem them on our platform by choosing the environmental project you like best.

  • By purchasing one of our Save The Planet Now contribution cards in an authorized selling store, or through direct contributions on our website, you help directly to the preservation and conservation of ecosystems in a fast and easy way.

    On our website you can also find an option to set up a direct periodic contribution   order to your bank. You can choose the time and projects with complete liberty and flexibility.

    The process is as simple as entering the website www.saveplanetnow.com to directly make your contribution or visit one of our authorized stores (Worten, MediaMarkt, Carrefour, Fnac) and purchase a contribution card for you or anyone else and then redeem the card code on the website. You will then receive on your email a certificate that guarantees the contribution you made.

  • The contribution procedure through Save the Planet Now allows you to easily support those projects that are taking direct actions to mitigate climate change, working on ecosystem conservation and biodiversity. It allows you to choose the amount you want to assign to these projects and be sure that a real and good action is being carried out for the planet.

  • On our website you can follow up the status of the contributions in every project, you can track the projects, download information about them, visit their websites, and check up at all times their progress state. Besides, these contributions are registered through blockchain technology, which guarantees the transparency of the operation.

    After your contribution you will receive a certificate in your mail stating the number of CO2 tons you have offset.

  • The projects selected are accredited by organizations with the highest standards of quality and international reputation, they have been certified or endorsed by the most reputable and respected international organizations such as the United Nations, the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), International Scientific Institutes or organizations internationally recognized.

  • The initiative Save The Planet Now offers you two ways of action.

    On one side you can directly make a contribution from 5€, amount equivalent to the  offset of one ton of CO2 from your carbon footprint ,in projects that possess carbon credits.

    On the other side, you can support sustainable, biodiversity or ecosystem conservation projects with the same amount in those projects that need to be funded for their development.

  • The carbon footprint is the whole set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person within a specified period.

    This means that all your daily actions indirectly generate an environmental impact, therefore, leaving a carbon “footprint” in the environment. However, there are actions and products that leave a carbon footprint much larger than others. For example, if you travel by plane you leave a much larger footprint in the environment than riding a bicycle.

    These emissions can come directly from your journeys by means of transport, the amount of electricity you consume, your eating habits, etc.

    Starting your car, drying your hair or buying food in the supermarket are just some daily activities that leave behind a trace of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere in a direct or indirect way.

    In fact, according to the report on household consumption of the Eurostat Statistics

    Center, the energy used in homes on a daily basis, is responsible for about 18% of the greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.

  • Carbon offsets or, in other words, the carbon credits that you buy, provide financial support to projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions – usually projects related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation. Projects that, otherwise would not exist if they did not get that financial support.

    The units of measure for carbon offsets are metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2e).One ton of CO2 equals one carbon credit. This basically means that when you buy a ton of CO2 or 1 carbon credit, there will be one ton less of carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere.

    Therefore, the most convenient way to offset your carbon footprint should be the purchase of carbon credits to balance the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from your daily actions.

  • There are initiatives and projects worldwide that contribute to the balance of the planet, the conservation of ecosystems, of biodiversity, which are not framed within the parameters or methodologies that allow the creation of carbon credits. As an example, all actions aimed at the preservation of the marine ecosystem and the protection of species, such as avoiding overfishing, saving corals, removing plastics from the ocean, etc. They still do not allow the creation of a carbon credit market.

    On the other hand, there are projects that do not have the necessary funds to launch a beneficial project for the planet, or simply, they have not yet validated those credits, but they require our contribution to make them a reality and then  generate the impact for which they have been created.

  • At the moment they are available at our authorized stores, Carrefour, FNAC, Media Markt and Worten.

  • You can purchase the cards at the authorized stores, Carrefour, FNAC, Media Markt and Worten, then you can simply redeem your card code on our saveplanetnow.com website and support the project that you like best.

  • The direct contribution on the Save the Planet Now platform allows your payment by Paypal or bank card. You can choose the amount you want to give and which project you want to send your contribution to.

  • You can contact us by sending an email to info@saveplanetnow.com