About us

The awareness of climate change over these years has not been an easy task, however, due to the visible disruption on the meteorological balance this scenario has taken a new dimension in which the need for action turns into something crucial.

In response to this situation, Save The Planet Now is born, as a movement that allows anyone to take direct action in the fight against Climate Change, the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, by offsetting their carbon footprint or contributing to sustainable projects worldwide.

We are a young company with great potential, recently we have been awarded the first prize for the best Start-up in the Valencian Region and we are quickly making our way as one of the most innovative and effective solutions in promoting sustainability and fighting climate change, with our climate action platforms and carbon footprint compensation Climatetrade and Save The Planet Now.  https://valenciaplaza.com/climatetrade-gana-el-valencia-investors-day

We are a team committed to climate action, with a global vision and the strong conviction that all people together can make the difference to ensure a sustainable future for the planet and all species.